Book Review: The Extinction Trials By A.G. Riddle

Rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

Book Summary:

After a mysterious event, six strangers wake up in an underground bunker.

They don’t know how much time has passed. Or where the bunker is located.

They seem to be part of a vast scientific experiment aimed at restarting the human race after a global catastrophe—a program called The Extinction Trials.

What they don’t realize is that The Extinction Trials hides a secret.

And so does the world outside.


The Extinction Trials by A.G. Riddle begins with six strangers waking up in a strange place with confusion and lots of questions about what has happened to them and their world. The story devolves into a race against time to seek out questions to their answers and hopefully find a refuge and answers as to what led to them being put in the bunker they had woken up in. The six strangers are quite different from one another but it is made clear pretty soon that it is not a coincidence that either of them are there and their skillsets complement each other to help with survival. The writing is straightforward and the plot is engaging enough to keep you interested.
It is quite fast paced and this is detrimental in the last five percent of the book as the ending feels unearned and it seems no emotional tangible consequence of the philosophical threads the book has been trying to bang on. In short, a dystopian sci-fi page turner that keeps you entertained through most of the journey.

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